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Beta! We are currently in beta, please be aware that once finished scores / credits may be reset. Players willing to play during this period may be rewarded although we haven't decided how yet
  • Spotlight: gamerdryden 27th August 2013

    Horra A minecraft mini-game server!

    In this spotlight we look at a video showcasing the server by gamerdryden!

  • Hardware Upgrade 24th July 2013

    We are currently finishing up the process of upgrading our hardware. The servers should have no trouble loading minigames and playing them lag free from now on.

    The new servers are over 3x faster than the old ones with much more capacity which will allow us to add more advanced features to the servers as time goes on.

    It may take a while for all players to start connecting to the new servers while we undergo this change so please be patient.

  • Web Chat... Disabled 21st July 2013

    We have disabled the web chat due to some issues it was causing, I am currently working on a new solution to it

  • New Website Design! 19th July 2013

    Spero78 is currently moving the site over to a new design, We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Forums and Website 12th December 2012

    The website is nearing completion, and the forum is now online. We would love to see some suggestions and feedback so if you have the time please check it out. We are working hard on the server trying to fix bugs and get new mini games implemented for you to play. Thanks for being patient

Server Capacity
Current Players: 19
Current Minigame: Lobby